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growth strategies for the new era

We make cutting-edge technologies available to businesses in Latin America and Europe. In an era of increased connection, we establish and amplify the connections that lead to success and that have a long-lasting effect.

We specialize in Cloud and SaaS offerings for the next wave of Datacenter transformation.

Latin America - The Opportunity is Now

Million Consumers

GDP, Billion $s

Cloud Spend, Million $s

We specialize in the introduction of growth-stage technology solutions to emerging markets in Latin America and Europe.

When your charter is to generate growth, one of the most effective strategies is to expand into new markets. A set of existing solutions marketed to new markets can have immediate impact.

However, venturing into an unknown region, besides lacking certainty, can expose companies to substantial liability and be a drain on already scarce resources.

We do the legwork for you to get your product noticed, and to recruit the best fit business partners in the region, with no risk to you. Years of practice in the regions we cover guarantee that you can expand internationally with a “pay-as-you-go” investment strategy, low risk, and the highest level of integrity and ethics.

We provide an exciting, cutting edge portfolio linked to the global innovation centers that will help you differentiate among your peers, gain access to new opportunities and earn high margins.

Delivering true business value and eliminate complexity is one of the fundamental reasons why Enterprises, Governments, and SMBs approach Systems Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Cloud Service Providers, and in many cases consider tem their trusted advisors. The expectation of customers is that you are not only aware of the latest technologies, but that you are also capable of sourcing them.

Renaisun is constantly scouring the hottest solutions and hand selecting them so you can offer  them to your customers in confidence.  

Our Partners


Boxcryptor encrypts sensitive files and folders in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many other cloud storages. Encrypts customer’s data right on your device before syncing. Administrators can define custom policies, manage users, connect with Active Directory, and protect all accounts with two-factor authentication.


Founded in 2007 by veterans in the enterprise infrastructure and security space, HyTrust accelerates datacenter transformation by removing the security concerns that act as a critical inhibitor to virtualization and cloud adoption. HyTrust is partially owned by VMware and Intel.

The mission of HyTrust is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches — especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualized and cloud environments. With HyTrust, organizations can now confidently expand virtualization to mission critical applications and take full advantage of the cloud.